Staff Picks

  • Celebrate Pride Month

    As major metropolises around the world celebrate June as Pride Month, our great city is getting ready to host its 48th annual Pride March, which is sure bring hundreds of thousands of celebrants out onto the streets.... Read more

  • A Japanese Spring

    As a visitor to our hotel, you’ll no doubt want to spend time wandering the lush grounds of Central Park, and as you do, we want to remind you that Sunday, May 14, in New York is both Mother’s Day and Japan Day, which marks a major spring festival centered in Central Park’s Bandshell and Rumsey Playfield.... Read more

  • A Mythic Dining Experience

    According to myth, the Greek island of Mykonos was the stage for a grand battle in which Hercules slew the Titans. You’ll find a more peaceful atmosphere at Mykonos Blue, our in-house restaurant and bar, but its rooftop seating offers panoramic views of Manhattan no less epic than its mythic namesake would imply.... Read more

  • Don We Now Our Green Apparel

    If you haven’t brought a change of clothes any four-leaf clover will do. ... Read more

  • Dearly Beloveds Gather Here and There

    Witness the union of bubbling champagne and tempting chocolate, three-story-high marquees and proposals of marriage.... Read more

  • Laughing All the Way to the Bar

    Start the first month of winter with a full-body laugh, that's sure to warm you up!... Read more