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A Mythic Dining Experience

April 02, 2017

According to myth, the Greek island of Mykonos was the stage for an epic battle between Zeus and the Titans, in which Hercules sided with the God of Thunder to slay the once supreme giants. You’ll find a much more peaceful atmosphere at Mykonos Blue, our in-house restaurant and bar, but its rooftop seating offers panoramic views of Manhattan no less epic than its mythic namesake would imply (of course, cozy indoor seating is available as well). Our chef combines fresh, all-natural ingredients to bring you traditional Mediterranean fare like halloumi (a favorite Cypriot cheese dish) and lavraki (an imported lean white fish). The restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is open on Friday and Saturday till 11 P.M., and every other night till 10 P.M. The Rooftop cocktail lounge remains open till 4 A.M. seven days a week.

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