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A Sweet Deal for Your Sweetheart

February 01, 2019

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It's Valentine's Day, and you want chocolate for your other half. Flowers, too. And some bubbly to toast to the sweet medley of it all. But you've waited until the last minute and the florist's phone is busy. What will you do? Book a room at Hotel Hayden! Our Sweets for My Sweet Valentine's Day Package gifts you a petite box of handmade LA Burdick Artisanal Chocolates, as well as a bottle of Prosecco or, Rosé Sparkling Wine. As for flowers, look around you! Tucked into the heart of trendy Chelsea, Hayden is neighbor to New York's Flower District. So all you have to do is walk outside and follow your nose. If you're not after a surprise, turn the search for flowers into a romantic walk through the rose-lined sidewalks. To take advantage of this deal, book with us by the 16th. Offer begins February 13th and ends February 18th.

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