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Laughing All the Way to the Bar

January 09, 2017

There will be time enough for sledding in the coming winter months. Start the first one with a full-body laugh, sure to warm you up!

First Fridays

Garnering a “Critic’s Pick” from Time Out New York, Troupe429 is an underground bar in Hell’s Kitchen, located beneath Cielo at the Mayfair. Splash your way to beer pong glory and jam to the ‘90s in this delightfully tacky monthly show.

Every Monday @ 7:00 pm

Carolyn Busa’s weekly stand up routine at Over the Eight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been a favorite of the neighborhood for a solid two years. Her show frequently brings onstage a number of surprise guests like Carmen Lynch and Corinne Fisher.

January 20th @ 8:00 pm

New Yorker cartoonists and other artists join Grand Lindahl’s hilarious Art School Acid Dropout, a live show of storytelling and art making at The Creek and the Cave. Audience members draw along with crayons while guests test impromptu games.

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